Shakopee Bakery

Your local bakery since 1976
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Graduation Cupcakes and Cookies

Graduation Iced Cupcakes/Cookies Chocolate or White Icing with Sprinkles in School Colors

Decorated Cupcakes/Cookies Colored icings & Sprinkles in School Colors. Or 2017 on Colored Icing in School Colors

Specialty Cupcakes/Cookies White Icing with Logo or Graduates picture on each cupcake

Designer Cupcakes/Cookies School Colors 1st Layer than white icing with Logo or Grads picture
1266Gdes Sabers Designer Cupcakes 
Iced Cookie or CCs 
90Dec SHS Red Spiral Iced White Decorettes 
1266Gsp Saber Spec CCs 
11Sh Spec Saber Logo Cookie 
11SHdes Saber Designer Cookies 
78d Happy Face Dec Cookie 

Shakopee Bakery

Your local bakery since 1976